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  1. ProtoMAX Inspires Tomorrow’s Aerospace Fabricators

    The Pierce County Skill Center (PCSC) in Puyallup, Washington has installed a ProtoMAX into their Aerospace Manufacturing and Fabrication program to facilitate accurate material cutting while showcasing design and advanced fabrication techniques.

  2. Pacific Design Show

    Visit OMAX Corporation at Pacific Design & Manufacturing, the show where serious professionals find the technologies, education, and connections to stay ahead in the global advanced manufacturing community. See the 2652 from our flagship line next to our ProtoMAX, our first personal waterjet for light commercial applications DIY makerspaces, and educational institutions. 

  3. Save Money with Optimal Waterjet Software

    A waterjet is a machine tool that shows its true benefit when it is cutting complex geometries on a variety of materials. In abrasive waterjets, hardware performance only provides a portion of the potential cutting performance returns. An optimal software controller is capable of extreme precision throughout every angle and curve in a cut while increasing speed of production and reducing cost of consumables. To get the full value of your abrasive waterjet, you need the best hardware coupled with the best optimal software. Read the rest of the article here.

  4. Before You Move Your Waterjet...

    As your workshop or factory floor evolves, you may find that the original placement of your OMAX abrasive waterjet isn’t quite what works best for your needs. Or… you may be expanding to a larger facility to accommodate more machinery. Whatever the reason, when you start to think of moving your waterjet, there are a few things OMAX customer support would like you to consider.

  5. Houstex

    Join OMAX at Houstex 2019 where the latest products and services designed to help manufacturers develop their pathway to success will be on display. Explore the best in manufacturing at HOUSTEX 2019! Free Admission

  6. Steel Fab

      Located in the United Arab Emirates (UAE), Expo Centre Sharjah naturally commands a strategic position at the heart of the region’s business and commercial hub. SteelFab is the region's best trade platform that consistently brings cutting-edge technology from across the world on a single platform. 

  7. INTEC

    INTEC trade fair takes place every two years and is the first important industry get-together for manufacturing technology in the metal processing and supply industry in Europe.Focal point includes machine tools, precision tools, systems for upstream and downstream processes in the automation of production.

  8. Light and Water: Waterjet Shapes Micro Diamond Surfaces

    It is often touted that OMAX® abrasive waterjets can cut virtually anything. Sometimes it is surprising what that can really mean. DiamArt is using their OMAX 2626® to cut metal, glass, carbon fiber, PVB and fabric coated in micro diamond. The result is a customizable brilliant material refracting light through millions of facets.

  9. TECMA

    TECMA is an important opportunity to approach the most outstanding supply of Machine Tools and Technology for Manufacturing that provide solutions to industries in Aerospace, Automotive and Manufacturing. At TECMA OMAX will be showcasing the ProtoMAX the personal abrasive waterjet.  There will be cutting demonstrations.  Stop by booth 1237 to speak with industry experts.

  10. Global Industrie

    Come to Global Industrie and meet with professionals from mechanical engineering to building and civil engineering. Stop by the SEREX booth see the OMAX 5555 demonstrating the Tilt-A-Jet, and the new ProtoMAX.  You can see a presentation on the latest software and speak with Industry experts.

  11. Emergency Prep for your Waterjet

    As adverse and damaging weather events seem to be occurring at a higher rate of regularity, let’s review emergency preparation for your waterjet so you may attempt to mitigate the impact on your capital equipment. Whether it is hurricane, floods, or whatever else might come your way, OMAX is committed to aiding you get your business back to normal with personnel available both by phone and in-person. Below, we’ve assembled a checklist of operation/cleaning procedures for post-weather event preparations.

  12. New Co-Lab Tool Slices Through Metal with Water

    This article was provided by Working@Duke, Duke University Office of Communication Services The Co-Lab Studio features tools such as 3-D printers and laser cutters, and allows Duke’s students, staff and faculty to follow their creativity. And now, there’s another tool that brings a little more muscle to the lab’s array of machines in the lab on West Campus. The lab, which is run by Duke’s Office of Information Technology (OIT), has added an Omax Protomax Water Jet Cutter. To read the full article:

  13. Steel Tech 2019

    Presented by Mid-Atlantic Machinery - SteelTech 2019 Machine tool technology is revolutionizing every day. From Automation and Industry 4.0 to maximizing process efficiencies and reducing labor reliance, the future of our industry is rapidly evolving. Through all of these changes, we remain committed to helping our customers succeed and compete in a global marketplace. And to help do this, we are proud to announce our 2019 expo, Steel Tech! Read on for details, and RSVP today by filling out the form below.

  14. The Versatility of OMAX Abrasive Waterjets

    A state-of-the-art machine tool cutting aluminum, and glass, and steel, and rubber, and composite, and …

  15. Nimble Startup Thor Trucks Finds the Right Tools from OMAX Corp. for Electric Vehicle Development

    Thor Trucks’ owners believe this could not be achieved without the aid of OMAX Corp.’s MAXIEM 1530 abrasive waterjet. An abrasive waterjet uses a high-pressure stream of water and abrasive to slice a narrow line into a wide variety of materials, resulting in accurate shapes. Cutting with water does have some challenges. To adjust for a flexible cutting tool, the company developed computer models that optimize the patented control software, resulting in accurate part creation without trial-and-error programming. Read the rest of the article at FFJournal.

  16. TIMTOS

    TIMITOS 2019 will showcase smart manufacturies and factories in Tawian.  Wolrd-renowed experts and buiness leaders will be at TIMITOS sharing the latest trends in manufacturing and technologies. Visit the OH Precision booth H1 N1130  and see the latest in abrasive waterjet cutting machines.  You will see the latest in personal waterjet cutting the ProtoMAX by OMAX and the MAXIEM 1515 demonstrating cutting.  Speak with industry experts about the premier abrasive waterjet software - Intelli-MAX Software and have a time study done.

  17. Contemporary Jewelry by way of ProtoMAX

    "The biggest benefit [of the ProtoMAX] has been the addition it brings to the creative process. By removing long waits for cut parts, we are able to bring products to market much more quickly. We can design and cut something in a fraction of the time we used to, allowing us to keep focused on the design we are trying to make,” said Chris Ploof owner of Chris Ploof Designs.

  18. Learn-By-Doing: Cal Poly Integrates the ProtoMAX into IME Program

    California Polytechnic State University’s (Cal Poly) Industrial and Manufacturing Engineering (IME) Department is ensuring its students are prepared for the future of fabrication by integrating abrasive waterjet into their curriculum. In 2018, the IME department added a ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet to their Materials Removal lab, showcasing non-traditional cutting methods for students from all majors. As part of Cal Poly’s “learn-by-doing” philosophy, the ProtoMAX will be available to engineering students allowing firsthand experience on the applications, operations, and versatility of abrasive waterjet technology. Read the full article at

  19. Save Money with OMAX Direct-Drive Pumps

    As far as machine tools go, OMAX abrasive waterjets are environmentally responsible. But not only that, by being environmentally responsible they can save you money. One aspect that makes OMAX waterjets so “green” is the OMAX lines of direct-drive pumps. These pumps don’t use hyrdaulic oil, so there is no need for costly chemical disposal when conducting maintenance. Also, the water and power consumption of a direct-drive pump is significantly less than other types of waterjet pumps.

  20. Stom-Tool

    At the Stom Kielce trade show in Kielce, Poland, you can see the OMAX 2652  and the ProtoMAX the latest in personal abrasive waterjet machining in the JetSystem booth.  Please stop by booth HF: S3 and speak with industry experts and see live cutting demonstrations.

  21. FormaTool

    With the rapid increase in the number of exhibitors and visitors in the recent years, the biennial International Industry Fair in Celje has become convincingly the biggest and most prominent fair in the fields of machine manufacturing and toolmaking industry, welding and cutting in SE Europe.  Come by the Veneziano booth and see live demonstrations on the latest in personal waterjet cutting the ProtoMAX.

  22. CIMT

    CIMT 2019 is an international sheet metalworking trade show that has been existence for 30 years. Come by the SIMECO booth # W3-B007 and speak with industry experts about the Software, Products and Support and see a live demonstration on the MAXIEM 0707 with an A-Jet.


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