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  1. Metalurgia

    Metalurgia in Joinville, Brazil is the Trade Show that has turned out to be one of the most important business promoters in Latin America for the sector and the expectation for businesses during the event grows each year. The Weld Vision booth will have the OMAX 1530 demonstarting abrasive waterjet cutting.  Stop by the booth and speak with industry experts on the latest in software desinged for the abrasive waterjet environment.


    METAVAK the trade show for the entire metal industry will see Manufacturers, importers and wholesalers in the field of metalworking machines, tools, industrial automation and measurement and control techniques are part of the platform. Come by the IWEbv booth during the fair and see solutions for your waterjet cutting needs in metal production with the OMAX 55100.

  3. Venables Machine Works Trusts Their OMAX 55100 for Quick Turnarounds

    Off the Trans-Canada Yellowhead Highway in Saskatoon, Saskatchewan, Venables Machine Works Limited takes advantage of abrasive waterjet technology to beat tight turnaround times. “Meeting tight delivery deadlines helps promote Venables as a shop that will manufacture on time and on budget,” states Dan Wingerak, Venables’ Shop Manager and Vice President of Operations.

  4. Dunphy’s Cycle Machining Offers Limitless Customization with ProtoMAX

    “Ever since I was 14 years old I was a gear head,” says Dan Dunphy of Dunphy’s Cycles Machining, LLC. “I almost have a sickness and can’t drive a stock vehicle because I don’t want to be like everyone else. It’s boring."

  5. Waterjet Keeps Hercs Flying

    Recently, the 934th Maintenance Squadron aircraft metals technology shop installed a new waterjet cutting machine, also known as an OMAX Computer Numerical Control Waterjet Machining Center. The machine helps Airmen increase maintenance capabilities by accelerating their ability to fabricate tools and custom parts to help get the mission done. Read the full story here. Disclaimer: References to non-federal entities do not constitute or imply Department of Defense or Air Force endorsement of any company, organization or product.

  6. OMAX Adds 10HP Direct Drive Pump as an Option for GlobalMAX Product Line

    KENT, Wash., August 15th, 2018 – OMAX® Corporation expands its GlobalMAX® pump options with a 10HP pump for the GlobalMAX JetMachining® Centers. Designed for educators, job shops, fabricators, and manufacturers who need an economical, industrial abrasive waterjet, this new pump delivers 30,000 psi pressure to the cutting nozzle. The GlobalMAX product line with the 10HP pump offers all the benefits customers come to expect from OMAX: innovative drive systems, proven direct drive pump technology, Intelli-MAX® software, as well as superior customer service.

  7. Precision Practices: Kerf and Tool Offset Adjustment

    OMAX waterjet machines are designed for high-precision machining. A combination of meticulous mechanics, rigid construction, and velocity control from the software ensures the highest degree of precision in the parts. Even with all that precision built in, you, as the operator, are able to hone that precision further by implementing a few fundamental practices. Last month Precision Practices took a look at the concept of tool offset and why it is important.

  8. OMAX To Demonstrate Cutting-edge Abrasive Waterjets at FABTECH 2018

    KENT, Wash., August 22nd, 2018 – At Fabtech 2018, OMAX® Corporation will demonstrate cutting-edge abrasive waterjet technology. Visitors to the OMAX booth (B6951) will get a first-hand look at OMAX’s 80X with a Tilt-A-Jet®, Rotary, and 100hp EnduroMAX® pump; a GlobalMAX® 1530 with the new 10hp pump and 100lb garnet feed hopper; as well as the new compact ProtoMAX®. With a wide range machines as well as productivity-enhancing accessories, OMAX has a waterjet for every fabricating and manufacturing need.

  9. Buying a Waterjet: A Personal Journey

    "Just when we were about to make a decision, we received an email from OMAX waterjets describing their new line of waterjets known as the MAXIEM. I was expecting to read the typical descriptions about the quality of the ballscrews, the precision and accuracy of the cuts, and of course the reliable and consistently high psi achieved by the hydraulic drive pump, but to my surprise, the MAXIEM line of waterjets use neither ballscrews nor a hydraulic intensifier pump— they use a direct drive pump. We stopped in our tracks and decided to call OMAX and have them send out a rep to meet with us, because the price of these new MAXIEM machines were significantly less expensive – not cheap – but less expensive than any other competing American brand. We wanted to get the whole story." "Buying a Waterjet: A Personal Journey" is by Mark McMunn. Reprinted by permission, courtesy Slippery Rock Gazette.

  10. POZNAN Stone

    Stone Fair is in Poznan, November 14-17, 2018. The fair is has many companies who are extracting and importing the natural stone as well as producers and distributors of stone processing machines and devices.  Come to the fair and stop by the JetSystem booth to see the latest in waterjet stone cutting, the OMAX GlobalMAX.  Speak with industry experts in the booth and have a demonstration done on the famous OMAX Intelli-MAX Software.

  11. Metalex Thailand

    MetalEx is the largest metalworking event in ASEAN come and see the latest in industrial developments.  Visit the Machine Tech booth and speak with industry experts about the OMAX abrasive waterjet machines.  Have a cutting demo done on one of the OMAX abrasive waterjet machines.

  12. Machine Tool Indonesia

    OMAX and Java Tech will jointly be exhibiting at Machine Tool Indonesia 2018. Machine Tool Indonesia is Asia’s largest international machine tool, metalworking and allied industries exhibition and provides a professional platform for Indonesia’s machine tool industry to do business. Come and see the MAXIEM 1515 in action and have a demonstration on the OMAX Intelli-MAX Software.  Speak with OMAX abrasivewaterjet experts about the products, software and service.      

  13. Mitchell Larsen Studio: Glass Art, a Hurricane and a Waterjet

    On the beautiful island of St Croix in the U.S. Virgin Islands, the Mitchell Larsen Studio employs the new OMAX ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet in the process of their glass art creations.

  14. ProtoMAX is Now Available for Broad Global Release

    KENT, Wash., August 30rd, 2018 – OMAX® Corporation announces the ProtoMAX abrasive waterjet has achieved CE certification. The ProtoMAX brings all the versatility benefits of large abrasive waterjet cutters in a sleek and economic package that’s perfect for small job shops, engineering classrooms, makerspaces, and personal use. With a compact footprint and comprehensive versatility, the ProtoMAX is an ideal abrasive waterjet for prototyping, educational applications, or as a complement to a larger machine shop. With the CE mark, the ProtoMAX will now be available worldwide.

  15. Preparing for Your Waterjet

    If you are waiting for your newly purchased OMAX abrasive waterjet to arrive, or you’re just thinking of adding an OMAX to your shop, you’ll want to make sure your facility is prepared to use your new machine. Below is an overview of general requirements you’ll need to consider before the OMAX installation technician arrives at your location.

  16. Precision Practices: Homing

    OMAX waterjet machines are designed for high-precision machining. A combination of meticulous mechanics, rigid construction, and velocity control from the software ensures the highest degree of precision in the cut parts. Even with all that precision built in, you, as the operator, are able to hone that precision further by implementing a few fundamental practices. Thought it may seem rudimentary, homing your machine daily will help ensure optimum precision part machining.

  17. St. Louis Open House

    Latest Technology in Bending & Cutting Experience What Technology Advances Can Mean For You

  18. Should You Own a Waterjet?

    "It may actually be better to continue to cut slabs by hand with something like an Accuglide system before you buy a bridgesaw, because the waterjet will go a very long way in eliminating mistakes in the sink cutout process. I can assure you that once your fabricators see that they will never again have to do the back-breaking work of making large sink cutouts, shop morale will go way up." Read the whole artcle by Mark McMunn by clicking the "Download Full Article" below.

  19. When it’s Time to Remove Solids

    No matter if you cut glass once a week or manufacture steel parts three shifts a day, abrasive and discarded material builds up in the tank. At some point the solids will build up so much that it will affect your waterjet’s efficiency and accuracy. How much cutting you do determines how often you will need to remove solids from your tank. When that time comes, you’ll need to remove those solids to continue your waterjet operations. Solids removal is typically done one of three ways:

  20. Best Paper Award Bestowed on Three OMAX R&D Engineers

    KENT, Wash., October 4th, 2018 – Dr. Axel Henning (OMAX’s Director of R&D), Pete Miles, and Ernst Schubert (both Senior Mechanical Engineers at OMAX), have received the Best Paper Award at the 24th International Conference on Water Jetting 2018. The three engineers collectively wrote the paper titled “Effects of Particle Fragmentation on Performance of the Abrasive Waterjet.”

  21. Precision Practices: Tabs and Bridges

    OMAX waterjet machines are designed for high-precision machining. A combination of meticulous mechanics, rigid construction, and velocity control from the software ensures the highest degree of precision in the parts. Even with all that precision built in, you, as the operator, are able to hone that precision further by implementing a few fundamental practices. Last month we discussed homing your machine. In this installment of Precision Practices, we will be looking at tabs and bridges.

  22. CTS Waterjets, LLC - A Family Business with a Family of Waterjets

    “We went with OMAX because of the customer support, and we wanted to buy American-made,” said Ben Goldschmidt the Waterjet Cutting Operator at C.T.S. Waterjet LLC.

  23. Waterjet Machining in the Shade with Tropical J's

    In Hawai’i, the transition from thunderous downpour to island heat takes only seconds. Whatever the weather, with the help of their MAXIEM® abrasive waterjet, Tropical J’s is designing and crafting custom awnings for the Aloha State.

  24. OMAX Abrasive Waterjets: Still in Washington State

    In 1993, OMAX Corp. started in Washington State. Twenty-five years later, OMAX is still there. This doesn’t mean the headquarters is located in the Pacific Northwest and the production is spread to whatever country can make the product the cheapest, no. OMAX can proudly say that virtually everything they fabricate, construct, and program is done right at home.  

  25. Cut It Out

    Join Southern States Machinery for an educational event covering the process of cutting parts using an OMAX abrasive waterjet.  Event Details: Tuesday, Dec. 4th, 2018 9am-2pm Southern States Machinery Showroom Mooresville, NC The main focus of this event will be cutting your own parts on an OMAX waterjet, so that you can see the process from start to finish and understand the impact that OMAX’s unrivaled speed and precision will have on your business.


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