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More Power. Less Energy
Usage. Faster Cutting.


OMAX and MAXIEM pumps are compact, quiet,
easy to maintain and inexpensive to operate.

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Discover OMAX pump technology.

Watch Video: 60k psi cuts faster 90k psi
A 60,000psi Pump Cuts Faster than a 90,000psi Pump
Watch Video: OMAX Pumps less energy, faster cutting, lower cost per part
OMAX Direct Drive Pumps use less energy, provide faster cutting speed and offer lower cost per finished part.
Watch Video: EnduroMAX Pump Maintenance Interval
EnduroMAX has a scheduled maintenance interval of 1,000 hours between pump rebuilds when run at 55,000psi (3,800 bar).

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Save Money with OMAX Direct-Drive Pumps

As far as machine tools go, OMAX abrasive waterjets are environmentally responsible. But not only that, by being environmentally responsible they can save you money. One aspect that makes OMAX waterjets so “green” is the OMAX lines of direct-drive pumps. These pumps don’t use hyrdaulic oil, so there is no need for costly chemical disposal when conducting maintenance. Also, the water and power...Read More »

EnduroMAX Pump Saves You Money

The OMAX EnduroMAX pump is more efficient than older intensifier-type pumps, but what does that really mean in day-to-day operations? At the core, it means that the EnduroMAX pump delivers more nozzle horsepower, or JetPower, versus intensifier designs. At the same time, the higher water requirements of the intensifier design means that you will need more input water to deliver less horsepower...Read More »

Direct Drive Efficiency: Doing More with Less

The muscle behind waterjet technology is a high-pressure pump that converts electric motor horsepower to nozzle hydraulic horsepower. The more nozzle horsepower, the faster you'll cut. However, with two different pump types used in waterjet cutting systems - hydraulic intensifier pumps and crankshaft-driven direct drive pumps - how do you know which type is actually more effective? Here...Read More »

OMAX 60120 Represents Premium Waterjet Technology at EMO 2015

At EMO 2015, OMAX® Corporation and distributor partner, ITEK VENEZIANO GROUP SRL, showcased the OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center with a Tilt-A-Jet® cutting head to demonstrate the value premium abrasive waterjet technology brings to advanced manufacturing environments focused on cutting materials with high speed and precision.

Perfect for high-volume production, the 60120...Read More »

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