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Cutting versatility a must at custom boat shop

Founded more than 20 years ago, Titan Boats, based in Sidney, B.C., initially focused on manufacturing vessels for the ecotourism industry and governmental agencies in Canada. In 2015, amidst growing demand, the company embarked on a plan to diversify and expand its product line. As a result, the shop needed new, adaptable technology to boost capacity, efficiency, and production capabilities...

Reduce Downtime with System Monitoring Software

System monitoring software enables you to connect operation controls with machine maintenance and upkeep for increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Programs such as MTConnect or OMAX IntelliVISOR run in parallel with a machine tool’s controller software to maximize productivity and provide a comprehensive alert system that keeps you and your operators connected and aware of your machine's...

Abrasive Cuts

Titanium is the preferred material for components in a variety of demanding applications. Due to its light weight, strength and hardness over traditional materials like steel, as well as beneficial properties such as corrosion resistance, titanium is the material of choice for many industries including aerospace, defense and medical. However, machining titanium is known for being a very slow...

Waterjetting: Get on script

Customization often starts with the question, “Is there an easier way to do this?” A manufacturer might need to change its clearances on a series of part files by a fraction of an inch. A prototype shop could look to integrate a robotic arm for loading material. A fabrication shop may have to guarantee the alignment of an upcoming order.

The answer...

Waterjet Myths Uncovered - Pressure


High Pressure Cuts Faster


General statements like this are often misleading and rarely hold true across the board. The fact is that increasing pressure doesn’t lead to faster cutting in most applications.

Hydraulic horsepower is what does the cutting in abrasive waterjet applications, while pressure does the cutting in water-only applications. When you increase...

Fundamentals of Waterjet Cutting: Optimum Efficiency

While most users of abrasive waterjet cutting profess its ease of use, anyone that owns a waterjet will admit that while cutting a one-off part might be easy, producing thousands of the same part, with 0.05-in. tolerance, requires knowledge and skill. The difference comes down to understanding process fundamentals and how they work together. Let’s examine a few fundamental tips to help...

Are You Using the Latest Software?

OMAX is constantly coming out with new software. You should take advantage of the new features improving the performance of the machine and productivity in programming.

New versions are released once or twice a year. If your software is more than six months old, it’s worthwhile to check for a new version. This can be done on the OMAX Dashboard under “Software.”  


Tips for IntelliETCH

The IntelliETCH feature in IntelliMAX allows your waterjet to etch everything from simple part numbers to elegant artistic designs. However, performing more intricate work requires the machining head to accelerate and decelerate around corners, slowing down the process and increasing the material removal rate. Here are some tips for effectively using Etch for intricate work:



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