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Faster Abrasive Waterjet Cutting

Abrasive Waterjet Cutting has proven to be an effective and economical process for separating virtually any material. Today, applications of abrasive waterjet cutting can be found in many different industries and range from producing very small high precision parts to making rough separation cuts of 6” steel plates. OMAX Corporation has taken the lead in addressing precision cutting through its Intelli-MAX® Software. This patented control software uses advanced computer models of the abrasive waterjet cutting process and sophisticated control strategies to provide the fastest cutting possible, especially for production of high-quality complex contours with many corners and radii.

To assure the highest possible performance for its users, OMAX is engaged in an ongoing program of development and improvement of the Intelli-MAX software and is currently releasing the newest generation of its cutting model in the Intelli-MAX Software v12.0. With this upgrade (available, as always, to all OMAX customers at no cost) cutting performance and quality can be increased significantly. Production cycle time savings of up to 25% are possible with no changes in cutting parameters or system hardware.

To permit even greater increases in productivity, the cutting parameter range of the cutting model in the Intelli-MAX software has been extended to accommodate larger high-power cutting nozzles with up to a 0.020” diameter orifice size. This opens the potential for new and existing OMAX users to further increase their productivity, particularly for cutting larger parts and in thicker material.

A dramatic example of the power of the new cutting model in the new Intelli-MAX software can be seen in the title picture. All of the gears shown were cut from 1 inch thick stainless steel and had the same cutting time of 1 hour. The difference is that the small gear was cut with the previous generation cutting model in the Intelli-MAX software and a standard 0.014” orifice nozzle; the medium gear was cut with the new Intelli-MAX version 12.0 software and a standard 0.014” orifice nozzle; and the large gear was cut with the new software and with a high-power nozzle with 0.020” orifice. This demonstrates the considerable effect of the new software.

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