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OMAX Showcases Latest Advancements in Waterjet Technology at EMO 2015

At EMO MILANO 2015, OMAX Corporation and distributor partner, ITEK VENEZIANO GROUP SRL, jointly showcased the OMAX 60120 and MAXIEM 1515 JetMachining Centers loaded with efficient direct drive pumps, advanced cutting heads and the latest Intelli-MAX Software Suite. Applications experts from both companies were available to discuss the full range of OMAX abrasive waterjet technology available to the Italian manufacturing market.  

OMAX 60120 JetMachining Center
The bridge-style OMAX 60120 JetMachining Center has a high accuracy of motion and can cut complex part sizes up to 1.52 meters by 3.05 meters from a variety of materials and thicknesses with unmatched speed and accuracy. 

The abrasive waterjet system’s premium performance comes as a direct result of the company's exclusive Intelli-MAX Software Suite and EnduroMAX pump technology. The user-friendly software automatically optimizes the machine's tool path for consistent quality and repeatable results, while the direct drive pump provides faster cutting speeds per unit of input than intensifier designs. 

Available in 22, 30 and 37-kW options, the EnduroMAX pump runs continuously at 4,100 bar. At EMO 2015, a 37-kW pump powered the 60120 to demonstrate exceptional part-processing speeds and low operating costs. The company engineered the pump with efficiency in mind so that all of its OMAX JetMachining Centers achieve more horsepower at the cutting nozzle, which translates into an extremely powerful abrasive stream and increased productivity. 

With an optional Tilt-A-Jet cutting head, the 60120 achieves virtually zero taper with most materials for cutting precision parts with square, taper-free edges, including interlocking pieces and dove tail fittings. Through the control software, the Tilt-A-Jet automatically calculates and adjusts the angle of the nozzle to accurately remove the natural taper from the finished part by transferring it to the scrap part of the material —all while maintaining high cutting rates. 

MAXIEM 1515 JetMachining Center
The MAXIEM 1515 JetMachining Center has a cutting area that easily fits up to 1.5 meters by 1.5 meters of material stock. Perfect for use in job shops, metal service centers and trade schools, this robust, highly versatile abrasive waterjet system can productively cut a broad range of materials and thicknesses.

The all-in-one Windows 8 controller on the 1515 comes pre-loaded with the latest Intelli-MAX Software Suite that makes it easy to generate complex geometries and produce quality parts from virtually any type of material.

The 1515 employs a 3,450 bar direct drive pump that regulates the electricity input to the motor to reduce overall energy costs. This increased efficiency enables the pump to deliver more power at the cutting nozzle, no matter the pressure, than intensifier designs at any pump power rating. MAXIEM direct drive pumps are available in 15, 22 and 30-kW options, with the 30-kW version displayed at EMO 2015.

The optional A-Jet multi-axis cutting head adds two motion axes to the 1515 for complete 5-axis machining, which makes it easy to cut beveled edges, angled sides, 3D shapes, and countersinks while compensating for taper. 

Intelli-MAX Software Suite
The Intelli-MAX Software Suite is key to OMAX Corporation's leadership status in advanced abrasive waterjet technology. The intuitive motion control software makes it easy for users to create precision parts faster and at a lower cost than other designs by automatically optimizing the tool paths on OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers. The software also automates most programming and tool setup work, eliminating the need for extensive operator training.

OMAX Corporation continuously updates its Intelli-MAX Software Suite to effectively support the diverse and changing needs of its customers. The latest version of the software features a new cutting model that gives operators precise predictability as to cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasivejet factors of particular JetMachining Center tool paths. 

Intelli-MAX is widely compatible with other software systems in that it allows users to import from more than 90 different file formats, including vector graphics, 3D files, raster graphics, CAD files and more. To further extend its versatility, most third-party CAD/CAM and nesting software systems can output directly to the OMAX controller software. This allows users to achieve the same results while continuing to use their current programs.   

Distribution Network
ITEK VENEZIANO GROUP SRL is one of OMAX Corporation's 13 highly respected international distributor partners serving the European market. These distributors provide manufacturers with increased access to the company's waterjet technology as well as applications support, training and expert service technicians. To learn more about OMAX's European distribution partners, please visit www.omax.com/sales/international. 

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