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OMAX Showcases a New Abrasive Waterjet Line at EMO 2017

KENT, Wash., 29 May, 2017 - At EMO Hannover 2017, OMAX® Corporation will showcase the newly released GlobalMAX 1530 abrasive waterjet, in Hall 15, Stand E93. The GlobalMAX line brings value-priced abrasive waterjets with the OMAX guarantee to the global market. The OMAX 55100 and the latest generation MicroMAX abrasive waterjet systems will also be on display during the show, held September 18-23 in Hannover, Germany. Visitors will see live cutting demonstrations on all three waterjets and time studies run on the control software by software experts.

New GlobalMAX 1530 Abrasive Waterjet

The new GlobalMAX line is available exclusively through international distribution and incorporates two and a half decades of waterjet industry research and development. Like all OMAX waterjet systems, the pump, table and software in the GlobalMAX machines are designed, manufactured and tested as complete units at the OMAX headquarters in the USA.

"The GlobalMAX product line was created to extend our waterjet engineering and manufacturing technology base to more customers," says Stephen Bruner, vice president of marketing at OMAX Corporation. "The product line features our proven direct drive pump technology, easy-to-use software, and innovative drive technology. We build waterjet systems that help our customers make money in the short and long term and this product line is no exception. With GlobalMAX, OMAX aims to redefine value-oriented waterjets."

OMAX 55100 with Tilt-A-Jet Cutting Head

The bridge-style OMAX 55100 abrasive waterjet is capable of cutting complex parts up to 1.10 meters by 2.03 meters in size. The 55100 machine at EMO will be fitted with a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head, highlighting how OMAX waterjets can cut with virtually zero taper on part edges without slowing down cutting speed, ideal for work requiring tight tolerances and quick turn-around times.

Ultra-Precision MicroMAX®

Visitors to the OMAX stand will also see the latest generation of the MicroMAX with OMAX's proprietary linear traction drive system that uses optical encoders to provide 0.1 micron positioning accuracy. The MicroMAX's cutting table is mounted on a set of vibration isolators to minimize transmission of external vibration from the floor. A tank cooling package allows control of the tank water temperature, helping to avoid any dimensional changes in the material being machined.

Easy-to-Use Control Software

EMO attendees can experience first-hand how OMAX waterjets are easy to operate. The Intelli-MAX control software was engineered specifically for use with abrasive waterjets and no special machine code knowledge is required to use it. A person unfamiliar with CNC machine operation can learn to cut parts on an OMAX waterjet in just a few hours. Online training for machine operation and maintenance is provided free, so customers can access training information whenever they need it and at their own pace.

In addition to being easy to use, Intelli-MAX software is compatible with more than 90 different file formats, including all major CAD program file types, plus graphics file formats such as .jpg, .gif, and .png files. This means almost any 2D or 3D part file can be imported directly into an OMAX waterjet controller and turned into a real part.

Distribution Network

Through its distribution network of 30 partners worldwide, OMAX Corporation has expanded its global reach and increased the availability of its precision-engineered technology. INNOMAX AG is OMAX’s exclusive distribution partner for Germany and Austria will be at EMO to answer questions, to learn more about INNOMAX, please visit www.innomax-wasserstrahlschneiden.de. In addition there will be OMAX distributor partners from various countries, including Italy, Poland, Russia, UK, Hungary and Spain available at EMO.

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