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OMAX Corporation Showcases Power of Intelli-MAX at WESTEC 2015

At WESTEC 2015, OMAX Corporation highlighted its intuitive Intelli-MAX Software Suite that takes abrasive waterjet cutting to the industry’s highest levels of speed and performance. Visitors saw how the proprietary software automatically optimizes the tool paths of the company’s OMAX and MAXIEM JetMachining Centers to create precision parts faster and at a lower cost than competitive equipment. 

With built-in programming tools, the Intelli-MAX Software Suite is easy to learn and requires minimal training for users to operate OMAX and MAXIEM systems at their fullest potentials. Utilizing years of real-world abrasive waterjet data, Intelli-MAX offers built-in cutting models and strategies that optimize tool paths when creating precision 2D and 3D parts. Additionally, Intelli-MAX gives users precise machine behavior predictability as to cutting speeds, taper, jet lag and other abrasivejet factors of those particular tool paths.

The Intelli-MAX software is widely compatible with other software systems, featuring the broadest file support in abrasive waterjet software. Users can import from all major file formats, including vector graphics, 3D files, raster graphics, CAD files and more, which allows Intelli-MAX to fit easily within existing workflows. To further extend its versatility, most third party CAD/CAM and nesting software systems can output directly to the OMAX controller software. This allows users to achieve the same results while continuing to use their current programs.   

OMAX Corporation understands the diverse and changing needs of manufacturing and provides continuous Intelli-MAX software updates at no charge. The company backs its software with unparalleled support, including additional help screens that give users access to more than 2,000 pages of tutorials, troubleshooting guides, videos, and tips and tricks, directly at the OMAX machine controller. 

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