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OMAX Corporation Showcases A-Jet Capabilities at WMTS 2015

At Canada’s Western Manufacturing Technology Show (WMTS), OMAX Corporation showcased the expanded taper control capabilities of its popular A-Jet cutting head, which are made possible through the company's Intelli-MAX® Software Suite for OMAX JetMachining Centers. A special feature within the intuitive software improves the performance of the A-Jet, enables the A-Jet accessory to make precise angled cuts and bevels, and automatically corrects for the taper normally found in an abrasive waterjet cut.

Supplied with a MAXJET 5i, a premier long-life diamond integrated nozzle, the high precision A-Jet cuts accurate beveled edges at angles determined by either the machine operator or part program. The A-Jet adds two motion axes, enabling the nozzle to tilt over a range of 0° to 60° from the vertical position. It can be used to easily produce beveled edges or cut countersunk holes, as well as machine parts with complex geometries. With its additional axes of motion, the A-Jet allows production of beveled edges in preparation for welding operations. Furthermore, use of this accessory eliminates the need for many secondary machining and grinding operations.

Programming for the A-Jet is largely automatic through the Intelli-MAX Software. Operators are able to choose the angle for part edges that require beveling, with cornering then handled automatically by the machine control. Operators also have a choice of piercing vertically to minimize splashing. With the new capabilities of the Intelli-MAX control software, operators can now choose between three types of taper compensation: full-control Manual compensation, quick Smart Taper compensation, and precise Intelli-TAPER compensation.

OMAX Corporation designs all of its accessories, including the A-Jet, to be retrofitable to its existing machine models. Furthermore, the company is continuously improving upon its Intelli-MAX control software to meet the diverse and changing needs of manufacturers. Such software updates are free to OMAX customers throughout the life of their machines.

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