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OMAX Corporation Brings Waterjet Cutting Versatility and Value to HOUSTEX

KENT, Wash., Jan. 10, 2017 - At HOUSTEX 2017 in booth 2621, OMAX Corporation will demonstrate how its JetMachining Centers, advanced Intelli-MAX Software Suite and world-class training and support bring versatility and value to manufacturers in a variety of industries, including oil and gas. As an effective alternative to conventional machining operations, abrasive waterjet cutting provides a quick, efficient way to process parts from a wide range of workpiece materials and thicknesses.

HOUSTEX attendees will experience the MAXIEM 1530 JetMachining Center, one of eight machines in the MAXIEM product line. With an extensive range of accessories, MAXIEM waterjets can be configured to meet the cutting needs of any business, including multi-axis and high capacity production. The MAXIEM 1530 comes standard with a diamond-integrated MAXJET 5i Nozzle, giving superb cutting precision when working with virtually any material, from steel to glass, carbonfiber to copper. The MAXIEM’s direct drive pump efficiently delivers power to that nozzle, where it matters most for fast cutting speeds. Direct drive pumps provide greater cutting power than other types with the same size electric motors and power consumption levels.They are also quieter and easier to maintain than intensifier pumps.

Live cutting demonstrations in the OMAX booth will let visitors experience first-hand why these machines have earned the reputation of being the easiest to operate waterjets in the industry. The Intelli-MAX software that controls OMAX waterjets requires no special programming skills and can be learned in just a few days. To get customers up and running, OMAX offers free, hands-on training at their headquarters in Kent, Washington. The company also provides online training for machine and accessory operation and maintenance, so customers can access training information whenever they need it and at their own pace.

In addition to being easy to use, Intelli-MAX software is compatible with more than 90 different file formats, including all major CAD program file types, plus graphics file formats such as .jpg, .gif, and .png files. This means almost any 2D or 3D part file can be imported directly into an OMAX or MAXIEM waterjet controller and turned into a real part.

With two product lines and a wide range of productivity-enhancing accessories, OMAX has a cutting solution for practically any manufacturing need. Included in the accessories list are a rotary axis for 5-axis cutting ideal for tube and pipe, an A-Jet cutting head for weld-ready edges and countersinks, and a Tilt-A-Jet cutting head for taper-free cutting.

OMAX application specialists and certified technicians will be on hand at HOUSTEX to address both general and specific questions about cutting speeds, material thicknesses, cycle times, tolerances and maintenance best practices. OMAX has an extensive customer service support and field service network of more than 45 employees, plus a large, comprehensive distributor network.

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