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Waterjet Drives Engineering Innovation

As a sport that pushes the envelope at 200-plus miles per hour, NASCAR is often viewed by fans as an ultimate test of man and machine. Seat-of-the-pants driving and masterful strategy, however, are not the only elements that distinguish the winners from the rest—the creativity and ingenuity of engineers and machinists behind the scenes can be just as important.  
That ingenuity and creativity is a driving force behind the success of one team, Hendrick Motorsports, which maintains a commitment to investing in advanced technology. One recent equipment purchase, an abrasive waterjet machine from OMAX, has not only improved the flexibility of the team's manufacturing processes, but also created more opportunity for engineering innovation.  The OMAX system has the ability to produce quick-turnaround prototype and developmental parts in materials ranging from carbon fiber composites to stainless steel.  New design ideas can be quickly created, tested, improved and then produced in any desired quantity.  That means faster innovation and more success on the track.

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