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Solid Form Fabrication, Inc.

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In McMinnville, Oregon nestled in the middle of wine country you will find some very nice wine from some great vineyards. You can drive through the country and view farms that grow all kinds of vegetables and varies crops, and you will find a fabrication company that can design, water jet cut, weld, and fabricate anything that canbe dreamed of; Solid Form Fabrication, Inc.

Two brothers, Deven & Keath Paolo from the small city of Yamhill worked the family farm most of their life just like their parents and their grand parents did. The Brothers were raised on the same farm that was pioneered by their grand parents in the early 20's, and like their ancestors they worked long hard hours building the family farm. The opportunity they were afforded in the land of the free was a great education; Keath schooled in all aspects of metalworking including machining and fabrication, and Deven a mechanical engineer and business grad apply the great work ethic they learned from their parents to their own business. No job is too small or too big for the brothers and they both are hands on.

Deven & Keath Paolo created their business together in October of 2007 after looking to buy various companies. The brothers came close to buying a company after many months of searching, a business that builds fermentation tanks for the brewing industry. They came close but opted not to buy that company. After a few years (since 2004) of searching to no avail for a business to work together they decided they had what it took to build their own business with their many years of metalworking and business experience.

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