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Verve & Vision Propel Local Fabricator Into the Future

Advance Waterjet and Design

When Scott Angus began working with abrasive waterjets twelve years ago, the technology was so new, few people had heard about it or used it. Having worked with a Wire EDM CNC machine for nearly a decade, Scott instantly recognized the potential of abrasive waterjets. "Waterjets being able to cut virtually all materials seemed like a reasonable market to enter," he says." Also in 1995 there were few competitors." Although the field has since widened on this still evolving technology, that hasn't slowed Angus' momentum.

In 2005, he leveraged his extensive experience with waterjets to found his own establishment, Advanced Waterjet & Design. Scott's business has been so successful that he currently has plans to procure a second waterjet five years down the road. Until then, he continues to fully exploit the versatility of his twin nozzle 80160, cutting just about everything that a waterjet is capable of machining, such as art, aircraft components, marble and granite, among other materials.

Since beginning his business, Scott has used OMAX with several complimentary technologies, but those have often required more training to operate unlike his trusty OMAX, which is known for its intuitive, user-friendly software based on the Windows XP® operating system. "OMAX has been the most progressive and refining machine tool and software we've used," praises Scott. "Originally we had to promote ourselves and the technology. Now customers do not need to be sold on the method of cutting. I've been very fortunate not to have to be out on the street looking for work." What does Scott Angus love most about OMAX? "Local business, real people, emerging technology." Enough said.

Advanced Waterjet & Design
Owner: Scott Angus
Location: Kent, WA
Specializes in: Kitchen design work
Founded: 1995 by Scott Angus

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