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Swedish Family Business Expedites Cutting Jobs With OMAX Waterjets

Sjomarkens Industrisvets AB (Sea Land Industrial Welding AB)

In 1948, a Swedish family started a practical blacksmith business to repair horse drawn carts and agricultural equipment. As the company was handed down from generation to generation, the owners modified shop operations with computer-controlled machines to support new project opportunities in the textile, ship, automotive, water treatment, excavating equipment, and beverage processing equipment industries just to name some of their new, lucrative service expansions. When Sjömarkens Industrisvets owners Magnus and Jeanette Gustavsson acquired their OMAX 60120 JetMachining® Center, they were ready to use the complementary cutting technology to expand their existing shop capabilities, which includes welding, milling, bending, and other conventional machinery.

Abrasive waterjet technology initially appealed to them when they discovered its ability to cut any material at various material thicknesses. After integrating the waterjet into their facility, they realized the significance of their OMAX investment after they learned they could take on more panic jobs on a regular, cost-efficient basis.

"Two of the major advantages of being an abrasive waterjet shop in our area include having the ability to take on excess work," Mrs. Gustavsson said. "The other advantage is our ability to turnaround projects very fast. In the three years we’ve owned the OMAX machine, it's common for me to work 19-hour days because of our workload."

"We can’t do panic jobs on our mill or laser," she said. "You cannot draw directly from a milling or laser computer, those machines require a designated drafter to translate drawing files."

"We do almost every panic job on the OMAX waterjet. And it's panic all the time."

Mrs. Gustavsson credits the easy-to-use Intelli-MAX® Software Suite to quickly produce last minute drawing concepts. Since various file formats are compatible with Intelli-MAX, it is also convenient to modify existing drawings on the OMAX’s PC-based controller when compared to modifying files on other machinery technology software.

When projects involve cutting thicker material, their OMAX waterjet becomes the go-to cutting solution, she said. From their experience, laser machining does not have the power to cut thicker material. The laser cutting process can also be too expensive for their customers’ budget, especially when cutting 1/2 inch or thicker stainless steel material.

Before her company acquired an OMAX waterjet, Mrs. Gustavsson never received cutting project requests from local steel factories. When she demonstrated how her waterjet could cut metal thicker than 1 inch, more steel industry clients came to her with jobs on a regular basis.

Sjömarkens Industrisvets cuts bucket parts out of 3 inch thick durable steel for a customer who produces seasonal excavating equipment. Their shop laser was unable to cut such parts because of the heat involved in the machining process. With the waterjet, Mrs. Gustavsson can efficiently cut parts for three buckets within 10 hours to meet her customer's 24-hour turnaround request. Now that she can respond to these expedite requests, Mrs. Gustavsson maintains an exclusive partnership with the equipment manufacturer who relies on her for replacement bucket parts.

Waterjet cutting opportunities keep popping up for her company as her customers reap the benefits of just-in-time delivery. Sjömarkens Industrisvets is responding to a new trend in the Swedish manufacturing industry – eliminating expensive inventory space for their clients. A customer can save money by better utilizing their building space when they are not storing stock parts in-house. With this concept, a customer only orders parts from a fabrication shop when there is impending production activity. As a result, Mrs. Gustavsson is awarded expedite jobs from customers who apply just-in-time manufacturing practices.

Even with tight delivery schedules, she manages to balance production runs with customized artwork projects on their OMAX JetMachining Center. Her staff improvised designs for Christmas tree stands and artistic fire pits for the holiday season. Before owning a waterjet, they would not even consider exploring creative projects due to time constraints.

"We get to do more and more work on the waterjet that is fun," said Mrs. Gustavsson.

Since she is driven to make her customers happy, Mrs. Gustavsson purchased a second OMAX abrasive waterjet, the Model 80X, to help allocate more machining time. With another waterjet workhorse in her shop, she welcomes the extra workload from clients and plans to work long hours to keep her business competitive.

Sjömarkens Industrisvets AB (Sea Land Industrial Welding AB)
Owners: Magnus and Jeanette Gustavsson
Founded: 1948
Location: Sjömarkens, Sweden
Specializes In: Fabrication production of hydraulic oil tanks and other steel construction; OEM part production to build or repair customer products; and customized cutting and welding projects.
Website: www.isvets.se

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