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South Texan Machine Shop Shows True Grit With Waterjet Competitiveness

Amaida Machine Shop, LLC

Three years after opening his business, Amaida Machine Shop, L.L.C. owner Samuel Torres acquired an OMAX 55100 JetMachining® Center to incorporate waterjet cutting technology in his modern machining facility in Edinburg, Texas. By 2009, many competing machine shops in his vicinity closed their doors for business – but not Amaida.

"We kept running projects on the waterjet and the OMAX machine made it possible for us to survive during this very difficult economic period," Mr. Torres said.

His 55100 became his lifeline to pursue new machining jobs he normally would not have taken when he only operated milling and laser equipment. During the Great Recession, he accommodated his shop’s schedule for short-run waterjet cutting requests and offered the machining services at a competitive price.

The cavalry of eager clients came to Amaida's rescue and rekindled business. Soon Mr. Torres began cutting customized marble and granite designs for installation in U.S. casinos, banks, and museums. He established new customers in the energy, aviation, and oil industries. Instead of using a flame cutter, he simplified the cutting process for producing stainless steel safety guards for a machine equipment manufacturer.

With the OMAX, he also expanded the variety of materials he could cut for customers. An equipment inventor requested that he cut ceramic parts. He accomplished cutting aluminum bronze which is difficult to cut on a regular high speed steel endmill. When he cut AMS 5608 stainless alloy (also known as HS188) for an energy company, he saved time and money by processing the high temperature metal on the waterjet, instead of sacrificing his expensive carbide tools for the project.

One of the original milling projects he transferred to waterjet machining involved cutting half moon shaped parts from a 1/16th inch thick brass sheet that was 36 inches tall x 96 inches wide. In the center of each part contained a hole which could vary in diameter. In the previous process, the milling took eight hours to produce 40 parts. With the waterjet cutting process, Torres can cut 72 parts from the same sized material within an hour and a half. With the help of OMAX’s Intelli-MAX® software nesting capabilities, the waterjet cutting process gave him better material yield, which he said is a distinct benefit when compared to the amount of leftover scrap generated in a milling process.

A regular Amaida customer describes Mr. Torres’ fast machining response time as a product of "air tight assembly." That level of exceptional service can only be accomplished with the waterjet, the owner said. When Torres' other machining equipment sits idle, the OMAX 55100 is operating daily and providing the quality parts he needs to deliver to customers.

Amaida Machine Shop, LLC.
Owner: Samuel Torres
Founded: 2001
Location: Edinburg, TX
Specializes In: Designing and producing high quality industrial parts and components
Website: www.amaidamachineshop.com

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