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One Remarkable Woman and Two Remarkable Machines

Stream Tek

True Grit: How One Remarkable Woman and Two Remarkable Machines Created One Successful Job Shop 

With the odds stacked against her as new business startup in a male-dominated field, Donna Lenzer, founder and owner of Stream Tek, quickly learned what it takes to succeed.  No stranger to the job shop, Lenzer spent six years learning the ropes in the very industry that would practically make her a household name around Ft. Wayne. Self-taught and highly self-motivated, Lenzer became a master operator, technician, and programmer of two OMAX machines, driving her business to the pinnacle of waterjet shops in Indiana.

Donna Lenzer founded Stream Tek in 2004 when she purchased her first machine, an OMAX Model 2626.  The machine, known for its compact footprint and extreme accuracy, is nearly booked to capacity each day running production parts for Stream Tek customers in such fields as medical equipment and paintball gun manufacturing.  Stream Tek's success in serving these markets gave Lenzer the financial strength to purchase a second JetMachining Center, an OMAX Model 55100.  With the acquisition of the 55100, the job possibilities for Stream Tek have expanded considerably, and Lenzer has wasted little time in employing the OMAX JetMachining "workhorse" in cutting a variety of different materials as she takes on regular job shop work. 

As a new start-up, six months was all it took for Lenzer to realize a profit with her 2626 - a feat practically unheard of for new businesses - and, within the first two years of founding Stream Tek, Lenzer"s annual revenue more than doubled.  Lenzer's well-earned reputation for consistently providing quality parts in a short time has enabled her to grow Stream Tek entirely through repeat customers and referrals.  As she proudly watches her business grow locally and throughout the region, she is excited about the future of Stream Tek. 

One of the many reasons Donna Lenzer is sold on OMAX is the excellent service she has received from both her local distributor and her regional OMAX sales representative.  She has received invaluable assistance for everything from pump rebuilds to programming, and as a valued customer, she receives unlimited seats of OMAX's proprietary software for the life of her machines.  With such comprehensive, ongoing support, it's not surprising that Lenzer is glad she chose OMAX. 

So what does the future hold for Stream Tek?  Future plans for the business include not only purchasing another OMAX, but a complimentary technology as well, to perform secondary operations while the other waterjets are running. 

Stream Tek
Donna Lenzer
Location: Ft. Wayne, Indiana
Specialization: Medical Industry
Founded: 2005
Website: www.streamtekllc.com

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