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Karice Enterprises Ltd. Gains More Production Efficiency With an OMAX

Karice Enterprises Ltd.

In November 2007, Karice Enterprises Ltd. of Surrey, British Columbia added an OMAX® 80160 to bring more cutting versatility into their architectural metal shop. They wanted a tool that would help them fabricate a variety of 0.015 inch to 1 inch thick ferrous and non-ferrous materials. Their timing was impeccable since a flood of cutting jobs spurred from local architectural and corporate design firms. The firms brought random projects from Canadian restaurant chains, the regional logging industry, and even a television station preparing for the 2010 Winter Olympics. Owning an OMAX JetMachining® Center became the reason Karice Enterprises could respond so quickly to recent customer demands and pass on cost savings to their clients.

"Having the OMAX in our shop gives us the in-house advantage," said Machinist Jordan Dery. "We don't need to wait for components anymore."

Better control of the production time works in Karice Enterprises' favor, especially when the company's clients do not want to wait around for their product. Jordan said Karice Enterprises has a reputation among the restaurant businesses in southern British Columbia for quality interior design work and dependable service. The corporate design group from Earls, a popular Canadian restaurant chain, discovered the breadth of waterjet capabilities through the company's application expertise. The Earls design team assigned Karice Enterprises the task to create ornate, mild steel divider panels for one of their restaurants in Vancouver's Yaletown District.

"We could have outsourced that Earls project for laser cutting, but it was more cost-effective to do it on waterjet," said Jordan. "We have the waterjet in-house and we have the parts in five minutes, instead of waiting for a couple of days for parts to be lasered by a contractor."

Since the success of the first panel delivery, Karice Enterprises has contributed more interior design work and lighting fixtures for additional Earls Restaurants across Canada, and even for a branch location in the United States.

Speedy metalcutting delivery was requested from them again when an Italian sports station, Sky Sports, wanted studio backdrops during the 2010 Winter Olympic coverage. Karice Enterprises manufactured colorful rotating sculptures reminiscent of the traditional Olympic rings and placed these at their studio locations in Whistler and the Vancouver Convention Centre. Karice Enterprises conducted material cutting on their OMAX machine to create the robust, steel bases for the acrylic arcs.

"They approached us at the last minute in January, and we had to quickly turn the project around by the Olympics in February — it was a real challenge," Jordan said. "The waterjet ended up being a real advantage for us to meet the deadline; otherwise we wouldn't have been able to do it."

With waterjet application, Karice Enterprises was also able to propose a different manufacturing process to improve a customer's steel saw blade design with welded carbide tips. In a previous machining process, the high speed steel used for the product was subjected to heat-affected zones, thus the saw blade experienced premature wear. Cutting the saw teeth with abrasive waterjet eliminated this HAZ factor, and developed a longer lasting saw blade utilized for the lumber industry. At the end, the customer produced a less expensive product, Jordan said.

Karice Enterprises Ltd. acquired additional metalcutting capabilities with their waterjet machine by opening doors to process efficiency. Whether it's re-engineering a product, aiding in faster production, or reducing project costs, Karice will continue to apply OMAX technology to tackle the most challenging cutting requests moving forward. As long as new ideas reach Karice Enterprises, their loyal customer base will return to this truly one-stop shop for custom metal fabrication needs.

Karice Enterprises Ltd.
Owner: Maurice Dery
Location: Surrey, British Columbia, Canada
Specializes in: Custom metal fabrication of architectural and lighting products
Founded: 1993
Website: www.karice.com

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