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Van Alphen Metaal and JETCAM

Van Alphen Metaal, based in Drunen, Holland provides general metal product design and subcontract manufacturing services. Since the company's foundation in 2001 they have moved away from outsourcing manufacturing processes, gradually buying equipment to process them in house. In June 2008 they purchased an OMAX 60120 waterjet along with the manufacturer's entry level CAM system, but quickly found that the business the machine generated required a more automated approach.

Cor van Alphen, Managing Director commented; “Our intention was to buy the machine and see how the business developed. After just two weeks it was clear that we were getting many orders for multiple parts,which required more efficient nesting. While the CAM system provided with the machine allowed us to quickly quote for and cut single components we needed to automatically process many parts. At that time we were manually nesting parts, which was taking about 5 hours of my time each day. We either had to hire another person or reduce the workload.”

Van Alphen decided to evaluate CAM systems that could provide automatic nesting, and that could also integrate with their existing Plan De Campagne ERP system. They investigated two CAM systems, one of which was JETCAM. “We provided a series of parts to nest to both vendors. When we saw the results it was clear that JETCAM was more efficient, due to features such as common cutting. Also, we felt comfortable that JETCAM works with OMAX directly The OMAX controller allows for super fast and precise cutting, coupled with the nesting efficiency of JETCAM which gives us the best of both worlds.”

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