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Streamlining Waterjet Efficiencies

In the motorsport world, it’s not the fastest driver, but the best driver that’s going to win the race. And this concept lends itself well to waterjet cutting processes knowing when to cut faster on those commonline straight edges and how to dial the speed back a few notches to get those smooth corners or beveled edges.

OMAX's Itella-MAX is a complete software package for waterjet cutting

Waterjet cutting technology has certainly been around for a long time and employed in many fabrication shops because of its extreme flexibility and capabilities for handling a large variety of material types and thicknesses. But it also had a reputation for being noisy, dirty and costly.

Some shops are using underwater cutting techniques to reduce noise, potential rust and contamination around the workplace area. However the true progress and innovation for increased efficiencies is in the software that’s driving these machines.


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