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Ten Reasons to Use a Water Recycling System with Your Abrasive Waterjet

  1. The facility where the machine is installed has no drain.
  2. The machine is installed at a location where the drain is not accessible.
  3. The facility is in a drought or water-rationing region. The OMAX Water Recycling System can reduce water consumption by up to 95%.
  4. The makeup water supply is of poor quality. The Water Recycling System conditions the makeup water to OEM specifications.
  5. The incoming water pressure fluctuates, such as with a well or septic water system.
  6. The overflow water goes to waste treatment (for example, large manufacturing facilities).
  7. The abrasive waterjet is used to cut hazardous material that cannot go down the drain. The Water Recycling System closes the exit drain and prevents pulverized abrasive and heavy metals from entering regional sewers and drainage systems.
  8. The facility is in a region where water and sewage costs are relatively high. Recycling the water in the system rather than letting it go out the drain can reduce water and sewage expenses.
  9. The company is ISO 14000 certified. The system can help a company comply with environmental management requirements and waste authority disposal regulations.
  10. The incoming water volume is insufficient.

Learn more about the OMAX Water Recycling System.

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