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Solutions to 3 Common Manufacturing Pain Points

3 Common Manufacturing Pain Points

Modern manufacturers are continually being pushed to increase throughput to remain competitive. A first step in increasing throughput is to identify problems, or “pain points”, in the production process. Once the pain points are identified, the second step is to implement solutions to eliminate them. Following are 3 pain points common to many manufacturers and solutions for eliminating them.

Pain Point #1 - Machine Downtime for Maintenance

Solution: Be proactive in scheduling the planned maintenance times for machinery in your facility. Take advantage of sensors in the equipment and predictive maintenance software, such as such as Intelli-VISOR, and work out a schedule for all machinery that allows routine maintenance to be performed during non-peak production times.

Pain Point #2 – Parts Rejections

Solution: Acquire the machinery and accessories with the required precision and repeatability for the job. For new equipment purchases, get a test cut done on the same material you’ll be cutting, using the actual part file you’ll be making. Some tips to follow when getting a test cut are in this blog post. Make sure operators get training on the best operating practices for the specific equipment they are using. Regularly check for issues in the production process that could damage parts or cause them to fail to meet production tolerances, and remedy any issues found.

Pain Point #3 – Nonconforming Parts and Material

Solution: Use a software system to track the supply chain so defective parts or materials can be traced back to the original source and dealt with quickly. A dashboard on a mobile device that lets you access where every part came from, when it came in, what quality checks were performed on the part and who conducted those checks is ideal. When nonconformities are found, the supplier should be notified as soon as possible so corrective action can be taken, whether the supplier be internal or external.

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