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Top 3 Spare Parts to Always Have on Hand

Make This Your “Zero Downtime” Year

A new year means a clean slate, a fresh start – and for your shop, it’s a new opportunity to improve your operations, boost your productivity and maximize throughput. Of course, you can't achieve any of these goals if your waterjet is down. To make 2021 your shop’s best year ever, it’s vital to prepare for the issues you know you’ll face so you can focus on...

Cutting Floor - Barton Talks Abrasive

Welcome to The Cutting Floor, hosted by Kristy Gerwig, a new series where we talk to experts in the waterjet world about all things waterjet. To start off the series we sat down with Joe Morris from Barton International and talked about garnet abrasive.

If you missed the series with Joe on OMAX TV, you can see it here.

The Cutting Floor S1E1: Barton Talks Abrasives


Trim Your Tree With OMAX Holiday Ornaments for 2020

Everyone's holidays are full of special traditions, and at OMAX, we're no exception. Each year, we invite our employees to amaze us with creative holiday ornaments that showcase their inventive ideas and seasonal spirit – and the cutting capabilities of our abrasive waterjets. But this year is a little different. Out of an abundance of caution, we’re keeping our staff safely apart and...

Cut Cool Parts With the Flexibility of Abrasive Waterjet Technology

Abrasive waterjets easily cut a wide variety of materials and cutting challenges, including thin or thick material, glass, carbon-fiber composites, titanium and special surface textures. But once you get accustomed to the power and versatility of these machines, it's easy to overlook their incredible creative potential.

Along with mainstream parts, our customers cut some exciting...

How Machine Tool Suppliers Can Be a Shop’s Best Resource

The faster a shop can get up to speed on new equipment, the sooner its workflow – and its bottom line – will benefit. That’s why a knowledgeable OEM can be your best resource to grow your business. At OMAX, our mission centers around delivering precise, easy-to-use and cost-effective waterjet systems, with strong after-sales support. From basic cutting to advanced operations, our customers...

Section 179 – Buying for the deduction

As we move into fourth quarter of 2020, we remember that every fourth quarter, of every year, may represent the busiest time for many of our clients.  Profits for the year are often boosted from the frenzy of activity in Q4.  Perhaps this remains true for your company also, as you move through the closing months of this turbulent calendar year 2020.


Preparing for Your New Waterjet – Part 2

A technician has been scheduled to install your new waterjet. You should be up and running soon. To ensure a quick and seamless process and give you or your team more time for onsite training, there are a few items you will need to take care of to expedite the process. In this 2-part series, we'll take a look at process in installing a new OMAX Abrasive Waterjet. Review part 1 here.


Preparing for Your New Waterjet – Part 1

Adding a new waterjet to your shop is exciting. You can hardly wait to get your new machine up and running so you can expand your manufacturing processes. But before installation begins, you need to prep your space and do some housekeeping in order to make the process as quick and easy as possible. In this 2-part series, we'll take a look at process in installing a new OMAX Abrasive Waterjet...

Waterjet Myths Uncovered – Thick Material


Waterjets are only good for cutting thin materials.


Modern waterjet systems are optimized to cut materials between ¼ inch up to 3 inches thick. Given enough time and consideration for taper, waterjets can cut as thick as you want.

Maintaining Control

Since water wants to return to its natural state, the jet will degrade and begin to thicken so it is narrower at...

Reduce Downtime with System Monitoring Software

System monitoring software enables you to connect operation controls with machine maintenance and upkeep for increased efficiency and reduced downtime. Programs such as MTConnect or OMAX IntelliVISOR run in parallel with a machine tool’s controller software to maximize productivity and provide a comprehensive alert system that keeps you and your operators connected and aware of your machine's...


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