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FABTECH 2021: Waterjet Performance, Innovation and Insights

If you made it to Chicago for FABTECH 2021, you saw plenty of technologies that claimed to improve your work and your workflow. At the OMAX booth, we proved what we can do for you. With a trio of demonstrations, we showed you how our abrasive waterjets can give your shop the versatility to tackle virtually every type of project and material. That's one of the biggest assists waterjets give you...

OMAX Helps Electric Vehicle Manufacturing Lighten Up

Because of the materials involved in electric vehicle (EV) production, manufacturers have learned to rely on the unique flexibility, precision and versatility that abrasive waterjets offer. What other cutting technology can move from inches-thick steel and aluminum to plastic, foam rubber and carbon fiber – without changing a cutting head? Only waterjets can master all these materials and so...

Accelerate Automotive Production With Abrasive Waterjets

Combine an entrepreneurial spirit with a love for automotive excellence, and you'll find a long list of OMAX abrasive waterjet success stories that translate a vision of speed into real-world products. Because abrasive waterjets can cut just about anything – including materials and thicknesses that other methods can't handle – our hardware enables shops to save time, eliminate outsourcing,...

Maximize Productivity with OMAX Predictive and Preventive Monitoring

Production success depends on more than careful material selection, part programming and setup. OMAX IntelliMAX software makes every minute count, with real-time monitoring of equipment performance whether you're on or off the shop floor. Integrated software tools predict system behavior and video monitoring keeps on eye on actual performance.

To ensure that you can control, monitor...

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Maximizing Material Utilization

An advantage of OMAX waterjet cutting is the leftover material skeleton from previous projects can be reused. By using the low pressure locating beam you can cut a new part out of an old scrap piece of material that already had parts cut out of it.


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Plan New Equipment Investments to Maximize Your Tax Deductions

When you're ready to add a new machine to your shop, an abrasive waterjet can expand your cutting capabilities and reduce your need to outsource processes. Along with the flexibility that an abrasive waterjet adds to your workflow, it also offers you a tax break. But phased depreciation means that you can't obtain the full deductible value of your investment immediately – unless you take...

Ivan Cutting Floor OMAX water jet waterjets

Cutting Floor - Ivan Kondeykin Talks About Waterjet Service

Welcome to The Cutting Floor, a new series on OMAXtv where we talk to experts in the waterjet world about all things waterjet. Here is a wrap up of our series with Ivan Kondeykin where we talk about waterjet servicing and maintenance.

The Cutting Floor S1E8: Ivan Kondeykin Talks About Waterjet Servicing

  The Cutting Floor S1E9: Ivan Continues Discussing Waterjet Servicing...


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