Factory Inspection Process

OMAX JetMachining Centers are completely cleaned and prepared for resale.
Manufacturing evaluates the condition of each machine and replaces components as required.

  • Disassemble the XY axes to clean and refurbish
  • All debris is removed from the machine
  • All surfaces are cleaned and scrubbed
  • Tank is sandblasted and recoated
  • Replacements of damaged or worn items are installed
  • The ball screw is checked, cleaned, and greased
  • All linear drives are tested and reviewed
  • Control servo drive systems are tested
  • Bellows are thoroughly inspected, repaired, or replaced
  • All controllers are loaded with current OMAX Intelli-MAX® Software
  • Controllers are upgraded to current configuration
  • All machines are retested for accuracy
  • A Renishaw Ballbar test is conducted
  • A laser test is conducted to verify squareness on large machines

OMAX Direct Drive Pump

  • The complete wet end assembly is cleaned and checked
  • All worn or damaged parts are replaced
  • Crank case is replaced if the pump has ran more than +3000 hours
  • Standard functional testing is conducted
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