Coronavirus Update


Yes, the situation is dynamic and OMAX is working diligently to avoid any disruption in our waterjet and parts production business. We recently received communication from the United States Department of Homeland Security and the State of Washington that we are expected to remain open because OMAX is considered an essential and critical business.

Although many associates are working from home, they are still available to answer your calls, respond to email, and join meetings remotely. In short, they are equipped with the tools they need to support your business. This includes our Customer Service department who continue to be available via normal phone and email channels. You can reach OMAX via the following contact details:

OMAX Corporation:
Toll-Free Voice: 1.800.838.0343
Phone: 253.872.2300

OMAX Parts & Service:
Toll-Free Voice: 1.800.838.4036
Send a TEXT directly to OMAX Service: 253.201.1511

To mitigate the risk of spreading the virus among those onsite at OMAX, we have been communicating and reinforcing social distancing and proactive sanitation of common areas, equipment, workstations, and desk. Our operations have procedures in place for all equipment and workstations to be sanitized at each break and at the end of each shift, and we now expect all office Associates to sanitize their desks at the end of each day.

Our procurement and global supply teams are working hard to maintain a steady supply chain. We are operating in a very dynamic situation and our teams will continue to do their best to adapt to changing conditions.

No. Our manufacturing department is working closely with our supply chain to provide feedback on ordering patterns and regional finished goods levels so we can make appropriate adjustments. To minimize a shortage caused by excessive ordering, we will review orders that represent significant deviations from normal and adjust quantities if necessary.

Our Global Sourcing Team is in regular and close contact with component suppliers, monitoring pipeline inventory, lead-times, capacity, and alternate supply chains in the event more supply is needed. Again though, the situation is dynamic. If there are any changes, we will communicate the expected impact to lead times and availability as quickly as possible.

Lead times are at normal levels as we continue to manufacture to market demand signals. Our logistics channels, from manufacturing locations to regional distribution centers, are operating as designed. And while lead times are not impacted at this time, it is worth noting that delivery may take longer due to transportation and border control issues.

We are fulfilling orders as normal and continue to send confirmation emails both when you place your order and when your order ships. In lieu of shelter-in-place initiatives and non-essential business closures, we ask that you evaluate if your business can accept shipments prior to order placement.

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