Financing an OMAX® JetMachining® Center

There are many ways to purchase and pay for an OMAX JetMachining Center.

Whether you want to buy, lease, rent or upgrade, OMAX has contacts and options that may be just what you need to help your company start saving today with OMAX.

Not many companies have a corporate executive willing to personally work with individual customers, but OMAX does.

James M. (Jim) O'Connor is the Secretary/Treasurer and CFO of OMAX Corporation, but he makes himself available to customers or prospective customers to assist with their questions and financing options.

As one of the original founders of OMAX, Jim made it his business to know all about the waterjet industry and the pros and cons of owning an OMAX JetMachining Center. He enjoys taking time with people to make sure they understand all the financing options available, and to help people determine how the OMAX JetMachining Center can fill their needs.

Leasing an OMAX JetMachining Center

Low Down Payments
How about virtually no down payments? Typical OMAX leases requires only the first and last month's payments down, with no hidden charges.

Delayed Payments
Lenders want to help by giving you time to increase your business before they require a first payment. The most common terms can give you 90 days after delivery and acceptance before the first payment is due.

Start-Up Financing
Lenders like the OMAX as collateral. Because the OMAX JetMachining Center generates cash flow often more than twice that of similarly priced conventional machine tools - we can get start-up businesses financed.

Many customers consider leasing to be the perfect method for financing their OMAX equipment. By leasing the OMAX JetMachining Center, companies keep their own cash in their operations and pay one easy monthly payment for the term of the lease.

Most lenders allow leases to be very flexible and tailored to the buyers' needs. The length of the lease, the number, amount and timing of payments can all be reviewed and modified to give the customer the terms that best fit their unique business.

Leasing also allows customers to use the OMAX JetMachining System, reap the cost saving benefits, and use those savings to make the lease payments. By using your OMAX JetMachining Center just one 8-hour day per week, the cost savings alone can make the lease payments for you.

Finally, it's easy to apply for a lease. Because of the strength of the collateral, some lenders include the OMAX JetMachining Center in their program for "one page" credit applications. If your business has operated for two or more years and there is public credit information (such as Dun & Bradstreet) available, it may be that you can apply for a lease in as little as ten minutes, by filling out only one page of information.

If you need particular lease features, just ask. At OMAX we often work with our "lender network" to customize a lease structure just for you.

Interested in Purchasing a Used OMAX JetMachining Center?

Please contact OMAX inside sales department if you are interested in purchasing a used OMAX JetMachining Center.

Upgrading Your OMAX JetMachining Center

Once a company begins using the OMAX JetMachining Center, it is not unusual for them to think of more uses for their machine. In some cases that means they really should have purchased a larger machine. No problem. We have a "Trade Up" Program that allows OMAX owners to upgrade from their current model to a larger machine at a moderate price differential.

Whether it's just the table, or the table and the pump, we can help upgrade your system until it's just what your company needs to maximize its machining potential.

Financing Upgrades
If an upgrade is attractive to you in the future, finance it. Our lenders like upgrades. It maintains their collateral value and enables you to continue improving cash flow and profitability.

Cost Savings for Job Shops

Job Shop Cost Savings
The cost savings shown here are the average savings for our job shop customers, but data can be different based on your company's location, overhead, wage scale, utilities and usage of the OMAX JetMachining Center.

To get a cost analysis tailored for your company, just complete the OEM section information and "Submit". We'll get back with you to answer all your questions.

We've stated that OMAX JetMachining Centers will pay for themselves, even if they're used only part-time. How can we be so sure? Well ... here is our average customer experience.

The Factors Are:
  • A job shop with a new Model 2652 (midsize) OMAX JetMachining Center.
  • A lease payment of $2,600/month
The Results Have Been:
  • The breakeven cost point for the OMAX is just over 9 hours/week or 24% utilization
  • By using the Model 2652 more than 9 hours/week, net cash flows can improve by $1000 for each 7 percent of increased utilization (2.71 hrs per week)

We don't know of any other machine tool that can generate cash flow like the OMAX JetMachining Center. To see what costs you can save, just ask us.

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